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Learn to Leverage the

Shape of Engagement

To Supercharge Your Influence & Energize Productivity

How Would It Affect Your Organization if You Could..?

Improve the quality of relationships to build trust

Improve the quality of attentiveness to improve productivity

Improve the quality of communication to build efficiency

Are you a leader or manager who needs to make sure your team stays responsive, focused, and productive?

If so, there’s a good chance you often feel frustrated because getting people on the same page can be like trying to herd cats. 

And, more than likely, you haven’t received the training you need to naturally draw out the kind of relationships that facilitate a high-functioning community. 

That is exactly the gap I want to fill in your life through my... 

Shape of Engagement Coaching Program

Join now for all of the following…

Get access to bi-weekly, 1-hour power-hour coaching sessions on Zoom

Learn the essential, most impactful engagement concepts so you can apply them as needed

Get support and direction based on your real needs

Connect and network with other people across the world who get you because they are doing the same thing 

Hi, I'm Scott

I'm an international speaker, author, and consultant in engagement.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of leaders and managers and helped them improve the quality of engagement they experience when working with others in order to drive up results.

In fact, I’ve literally written the book on the subject (The Shape of Engagement).

My clients over the years as a consultant include prestigious groups such as the United Nations, Microsoft, UNICEF, Adobe, and Aegon PLC.

Anyone who knows me knows I constantly strive to expand my ability to help others leverage the power of engagement in whatever way they need to. 

Most recently, I’ve been devising a way to share my expertise and insights in a way that is practical, effective, and incredibly affordable for anyone who wants to learn my system.

That’s how my Shape of Engagement Coaching Program was born. 

So, I would like to personally invite you to participate in and grow through my online group coaching program. This will give you access to learning my system, as well as leverage my insights grounded in many years of studying and improving the dynamics of engagement.

Who is This For?

If you are leading a business, managing a team, guiding a community (online or face-to-face), dealing with stakeholders, working with multiple bosses, interacting with customers or clients, or in any other position that requires leveraging and maximizing relationships to move them toward a more productive end, then you’ve found your way forward. 

Just to be clear, I’m not going to give you just a few simple tactics on how to “get what you want”. If you’re looking for a couple soundbites to serve as a quick fix to manipulate a situation or others, this isn’t what you’re looking for. 

The people best suited for the Shape of Engagment Coaching Program are those who take their jobs seriously enough to want to level up their performance as a natural leader, maybe even a leader among leaders.

This program is designed to strengthen and develop you as a magnetic messenger who attracts and draws out the best in the people around you.

If this is what you’re looking for, this program is definitely for you.

Quality Engagement Leads to Tangible Results

I know, the word “engagement” sounds vague. And, let’s face it, when leaders and managers sit down at the end of the day, they want to know “How did this help me move forward?”

If you’re looking for the data for how engagement matters, brace yourself because…

Organisations and teams outperform others by a factor of 3.5x

Employees have 43% lower turnover

Teams are 21% more productive

Customers represent 23% premium in revenue

People have 33% better wellbeing

Students are 2.5x more likely to report excellent grades

When you join the Shape of Engagement Program, you will learn a system that you can leverage to significantly improve performance in the areas of your organization you have influence over.

Engagement Training Isn’t a Want
It’s a Need

Our world values efficiency and productivity. Yet, we aren’t born with the knowledge of how to make that happen when working with others. 

Imagine the impact you can have if you learn how to increase the performance and productivity of those around you.

Imagine what it would be like to stand out among your peers because you have trained skills that to them seems like magic. 

Imagine how much more valuable your services will be once you learn skills that you can carry with you wherever you go.

The effect this program can have on your professional (and even personal) life will probably shock you as you start to see your networks of relationships in a completely new way.

Leave Feelings of Powerlessness Behind

Feeling powerless is one of the worst feelings in the world. Confusion leads to stress. Stress leads to overwhelm. Overwhelm leads to despair. Despair leads to wanting to give it all up and just throw in the towel. 

What if you never had to wonder about how to engage people again?

With this system, you will learn how to analyze a situation and identify how to work with where the person is right now.

It’s like learning a series of templates that guide how you respond for maximum impact. 

That alone will drop a ton of stress off your shoulders. 

And, if that’s not enough, you will have a community you can share with who understands what you’re going through and can share their on insights into your situation. 

All of this comes without a huge investment of time or money. 

What more could a developing leader ask for?

A Peek at the Elements of the Shape of Engagement System

I’ve been talking about this system, so let’s take a peek at how this works. 

Here are some highlights…

1. The Circle of Engagement

You’re the leader, and it all begins with your message. 

This part of engagement is all about the dynamics of sending out a message, connecting with an audience, and how your message becomes meaningful in their lives. 

When your audience responds to your message, you start to form a network effect that causes them to identify with the message you are emitting.


2. The Engage-Vent

What is “engagement” in the first place? For many professionals, it’s a singular action that can be measured. I want to step away from that a bit and look at the dynamic process of relationship-building, in which actions are one part. 

This is where the “engage-Vent” funnel comes in. This model helps you see where you are and where you need to move to next. It helps you take relationships from general intention to specific, consistent interactions


3. The 3-E Maturity Model

The quality of engagement matters, and people engage at a variety of different levels. 

That means you want to be mindful of the appropriate kind of engagement for each phase of your messaging. 

When you are able to engage your audience at the highest level of commitment, you enter into a co-creative dynamic where not only your audience’s lives become better, but so does yours.


4. The 4-and-a-Half Frontiers of Engagement

Engagement happens on various relational “frontiers”. They can be with employees, customers, community, interpersonal, or intrapersonsal.

It’s important to realize that each frontier comes with it own overarching goal. Engagement “success” on one frontier may not look the same as “success” on another. 

If you are in a position where you are working with a variety of different relationships on a variety of different engagement frontiers, welcome to the world of Enterprise Engagement!


5. The 5 Spurs of Engagement

This is where you learn “how” to engage with your audience. 

You will learn ways to overcome ambivalence, forgetfulness, confusion, inertia, and apathy so that those who are ready to fully engage you can do so joyfully. 

Key to this approach is realizing this: the popular understanding that people need to be motivated in order to engage is sorely out of date. What we see now is that people want to engage with your message, if it is the right fit for them.

When You Join, Here's What You Get

This is a huge opportunity to tap into proven ways to improve engagement without breaking the bank or your calendar.

When you sign up, you get…

Bi-weekly, 1-hour group coaching Zoom calls

A power-hour in your diary every second week, where you will get a blend of expert input, modeling of ideas, and coaching in response to your immediate needs.

The essential frameworks and models – no fluff!

You will get world-class, tried-and-tested methods that you immediately put to use. This is the stuff that is proven to make a difference.

Tailored support on your specific needs

You’ll get specific support on your current challenges.

Build up a network of global connections

You’ll be in a small group of marvellous people from diverse work fields all around the world.

WhatsApp group for quick peer support

When you need a sounding board or a quick moment of support, your peers are there.

That list is daunting. Do you even have time for this?

Yes, you do.

This program is designed to deliver all that value without overwhelming your schedule

Overall, your personal time investment will only be about 2 hours per month.

Your financial investment is also minimal. I’m trying to give people access to my experience and expertise at rates that are far below what I would need to charge if I were working with people 1-on-1. 

Group coaching is a great cost-effective alternative. 

Think about it, you will still be able to bring the benefits of my coaching to your organization and improve business outcomes while keeping the price point low. 

In other words, you get all this access to me at a no-brainer price, with a remarkable ROI.

What Happens in a Session?

Learning Essential Frameworks

I want to empower you to be able to excel at what you do. My approach is comprehensive, yet practical

We discuss essential engagement frameworks and their implementation. This is a no-fluff, highly-practical experience, with supplemental templates and resources.

Supporting Your Specific Needs

I’m sure your position feels lonely from time to time. Let’s end that feeling by working together. 

We look at the individual challenges of members. We offer support and insight. We can also jump to our library of frameworks and templates to adapt them to your situation.

Action Learning

You always have room for improvement, and we all learn from doing. 

We will spend time reviewing previous actions, what we’ve learned, and committing to new actions so that you can continue to grow as a leader.

Optional Extra Time

Need more time? The Zoom room remains open for further coaching, discussion and connection.

Upcoming Shape of Engagement Program Schedule



7th November 2023

Meetings #1
The 5 meeting types for all people
The 4 pillars of engaging meetings

21st November 2023

Meetings #2
9 practices for full participation
6 questions to reduce meetings

5th December 2023

Pitch #1
3 steps to powerful purpose and values

19th December 2023

Pitch #2
The 4 parts of engaging goals

9th January 2024

Interaction #1
5 interaction processes for all people

23rd January 2024

Interaction #2
4 tools for tricky relationship

6th February 2024

Channels #1
The 3 tiers of clear communication

20th February 2024

Channels #2
The 5 parts of engaging emails

6th March 2024

Platform #1
The 4 B’s of transformation

20th March 2024

Platform #2
3 hooks of deep engagement

When are the Group Coaching Sessions?

Group coaching sessions are every other Tuesday on Zoom.

That means there are 2-3 sessions a month.

Sessions will run twice, for participation across timezones.

You may attend both times if you wish, although the content covered will be the same. More days and times will be added in accordance with demand.

Time 1 is ideal for those in UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Time 2 is ideal for those in the UK and the Americas.

Time 1

9am UK / 10 am CET / 11am EET / 12pm GST / 1:30pm IST / 4pm CST, PHT, SST / 5pm JST / 7pm AET / 9pm NZT

Time 2

5pm UK / 6pm CET / 12pm ET / 11am CT / 10am MT / 9am PT

How Many People are in the Sessions?

A maximum of 15, an ideal of 10.

The sessions will be kept big enough for diversity, but small enough for everyone to get time.

How Much Does This Cost?


cancel anytime

£99 per month

$119 USD / €109 EUR

cancel anytime


save 25%

£899 ex vat

$1,099 USD / €999 EUR

cancel anytime

Are You Paying for This Personally?

If you are paying out of your own pocket, you shouldn’t have to pay the same price as an organization. 

I offer a subsidized rate for individuals who are paying for themselves. 

Personal Rate

£49 per month

$59 USD / €55 EUR
taxes may apply

cancel anytime

Are You Ready to Kick Open the Door to a New & Brighter Future?

This is an amazing opportunity to pick up a unique and proven tool for professional advancement at an incredible price. 

Remember, this program is far more than just learning those “soft skills” or “relationship skills” that are heavily sought by those in higher positions.

It’s an entire framework that can reduce your stress levels and improve the quality of your life, all while you open the door to new professional and financial possibilities.