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Gotta Move that Needle!

Is Your Business Coasting Toward a Stop?

Let me guess…

  • You aren’t meeting the sales KPIs necessary to stay afloat.
  • Your attempts at fixing your sales funnel aren’t working. 
  • Your bottom line is floating toward the red.

Now you feel the pressure…that growing pressure reminding you that the survival of your business relies on forward momentum. 

You need to move that needle. 

You need predictable, scalable sales channels that can bring you qualified leads.

You need to sleep better at night.

But here’s the problem: You’re at a loss and don’t know how.

That's Where Lorri Was When She Revealed Her Situation to Me

Her business was in decline. She could not attract new clients, no matter what she did. 

For more than 2 months she struggled. It was like standing on the edge of a chasm looking out into the void of hopelessness. 

Was this the breaking point? Was it time for her to throw in the towel and leave it all behind?  

Then, we talked. 

I helped her to clarify her brand and reposition it. I offered strategic advice that she could put in place right away. And I rewrote key website copy so it was more meaningful in the minds of her ideal clients. 

That summer turned out to be her best summer ever. 

Ready to Accelerate Your Growth?

This is How You Do It.


Everything begins with a clear, measurable strategy.

Know where you’re going.

Know why you’re going there.

Know how to get there.

Know how to measure success.

Know how to grow.

Predictable, Scalable Sales Funnels

Some prospects are cold. Others are hot. Most are somewhere between.

Sales funnels nurture relationships. That’s how potential clients get to know you, like you, and trust you until they become “hot”.

Once they are hot, they will turn to you when they are ready to buy.

Predictable, measurable, sales channels are the key to scaling your business.

Direct-Response Copywriting

Copywriting has a simple purpose: Make the sale.

You need to connect with your ideal clients’ meaning-making process. That’s how you motivate them to shift gears and move into the next phase of the buying process.

Remember, people don’t buy products and services. They buy your marketing message.

When your marketing message is spot-on, your sales go up.

Brand Positioning

When you clarify what your brand stands for, you become more attractive.

People don’t just want to buy. They want to participate in something bigger than themselves.

Improve the name of your offer and watch the game change.

With the right positioning, you can go to from zero transactions to offers flying off the shelf in no time.

Are You a Service-Based Business Owner Who...?

~ Wants to position your brand in the mind of your ideal clients so you become their go-to when they’re ready to buy ~

~ Wants sales copy that leverages the meaning-making process and intensifies desire for your brand ~

~ Wants to build a sales-funnel design that opens the door to scaling your business ~

~ Wants an advisor to walk with you indefinitely to help through growth and change ~


If This is You, Here's What I'm Going to Do to Help You Out Right Now

Get a Free Call-Booking Funnel Assessment and Optimization Plan

I’ll look at the call-booking funnel on your website and assess its effectiveness. Then, I’ll send you a Loom video with a plan for adjustments that will get more qualified leads on your call calendar. 


Get a Free Homepage Evaluation and Optimization Plan

I’ll evaluate at your homepage with an eye on both copy and design. Then, I’ll send you a Loom video with clear recommendations on how you can transform that page into an asset that gets you leads 24/7.

“He is very professional, on time (better than me), and knowledgeable. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to brand yourself to your audience the RIGHT way! 100% recommended!”  

~ Denisse V.

Getting Help is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Contact me and let me know which of the above tasks you want me to help you with. Remember, this offer for help is free.

Step 2

I'll create a Loom video and send it to you with my assessment or evaluation. You look over the video and implement the insights.

Step 3

If you find my insights valuable and want to talk about working with me, schedule a time for a call on my calendar.


Feel free to ask. I would love to hear from you.