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It's Like a Magic Growth Potion for Your Business

Empowering Service-Based Businesses to Thrive in a New Way

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The 3 Biggest Website Mistakes Service-Based Business Owners Make (And How to Fix Them)


Suddenly, you can afford to upgrade your business online

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Why do you want a powerful website?

Because it makes you money. 

And that’s why you’re in business, isn’t it?

A website is an invaluable investment..assuming you have a good one

But a good website (one designed to convert visitors into clients) requires a professional touch and is expensive. 

For small, service-based businesses, that may mean it’s downright unaffordable. 

I’m going to fix that problem for you.

Hi, I'm Bo McGuffee

I want to design, write, and help you leverage your new website so you can move your business forward faster than you thought possible.

Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted website. 

Remember all those conversations you’ve had with people trying to build relationships that eventually led them to become clients?

That’s exactly what a great website will do for you. Only it does it 24/7.

Imagine how you will feel in the morning after you notice your website signed up a potential-client call for you while you were sleeping.

Can you think of a better way to start your day before you’ve had your first cup of coffee?

My Specialty: The Digital Sprite Accelerator

If you could get a professionally designed and written website, plus marketing support and coaching for one year, how do you think that would affect your business?

Would it change everything?

Now, what if you could afford it? You see, that’s exactly what the Digital Sprite Accelerator is: a program to ensure you get a powerful website and the know-how to use it effectively, without burying you in debt. 

How does it work?

1. Plan your business

We start by looking at your business plan. intentionality is key. The better you understand what you’re doing and why, the faster you will grow. 

If you have been in business for a while and already have a business plan, then we will fine-tune it.

2. Build your website

This is where I take information you give me to design and write your website. This is going to be your online persona that visitors get to know, like, and trust. 

I will write it so it not only reflects who you are in the marketplace, but also connects with your ideal audience in a way that triggers their desire for more. 

3. One year of 1-on-1 coaching

Once the website is done, I don’t leave you to figure out how to use it. I’m going to walk with you for an entire year. 

We will meet each month, and I will coach you on whatever you need help with. It might be marketing so you can grow your business. It might be learning how to update your website yourself so you aren’t reliant upon a developer for changes. You get to decide what we work on based on your needs.

What makes it affordable?

Normally, when someone buys a website, they pay half up front and the remaining half upon completion. Once they are paid-up, the website is theirs and they can start using it. 

If the designer is willing to offer a payment plan spanning months, you can expect to pay 10%–20% more than if you pay it all up front. 

The Digital Sprite Accelerator is different. 

Imagine being able to take advantage of a low-cost, rent-to-own model. Here’s what it looks like:

Low, up-front payment

When you work with me, you will only pay a portion of the total cost of the website up front (actual amount depends upon the package). 

Low, monthly payments

After the initial payment, the remainder is spread out over 12 or 24 months. If you find you are not able to pay on any given month, you have a set number of deferrments you can use to keep undue financial pressure off you.

No interest

Once we determine how much your package costs, that’s exactly what it will cost. You do not have to pay any interest on payments regardless of how long it takes you to pay it off. 

Six deferrals

There may be times you struggle to make payments. No problem. I’ve built that into the system.

The Digital Sprite Accelerator comes with 6 deferrals that allow you to bump payments back one month each. You still make the same number of payments, but you don’t need to make one “this month”. 

You use it to make money while you pay for it

While you are making payments, I retain ownership of the website (again, think “rent-to-own”). But, you will be using the website to make the money in order to make the payments. 

Once you have made the final payment, the website becomes yours. 

Meet Monica

When I first talked with Monica about working with me, she had just started her dog-training business. She was trying to build her own website using one of those popular, free platforms. It was slow going and extremely painful. She hated doing it.

During our initial conversation, I shared with her how those popular platforms really only function like an online business card. They aren’t ideal for small businesses who want to grow. What she really needed was a professional website that sold her services to visitors 24/7. Thta’s a very different thing.  

When we started working together, we met weekly to discuss what to put on the website nad how she was planning to market her business. I had her website live in 3 weeks.

Monica and her two dogs, Molly and Raven of K9s in Action Dog Training

K9s in Action Science-Based Dog Training

Monica began seeing results quickly.  In fact, she told me, … 

Every inquiry has been ready to start training because they already know my methods and necessary info.

As people continued to contact her, they consistently told her how much they liked her website. As she described it…

The website has been a huge hit with people and it’s sealed quick deals on packages. On Wednesday, a woman paid and signed up within 30 seconds of me emailing her.

And THAT is what a great website is supposed to do. It is supposed to pre-sell people who contact you so that you don’t  have to make the sale yourself. 

Now, Monica not only has a website that she is so proud of that she shares it with everybody, she also has a 24/7 online marketing machine that draws in clients and fuels her bottom lineAnd, she pays for all this with very affordable monthly payments.

So, you see, sometimes when something seems “too good to be true”

it really is true. 

Choose Your Path

1-Page Website

1. Plan/Refine Your Business

(value $1,000)

2. Build your 1-Page Website

designed and written
(value $3,000)

3. On-Going Coaching & Support

12 months of coaching calls
(value $1,200)

6 Deferments For Tough Times

to give you breathing room when you need it

Total Value: $5,200


Save $2,450

Initial payment: $750

12 monthly payments: $166.67

Full 4–5 Page Website

1. Plan/Refine Your Business

(value $1,000)

2. Build your 4–5 Page Website

designed and written
(value $7,000)

3. On-Going Coaching & Support

12 months of coaching calls
(value $1,200)

6 Deferments For Tough Times

to give you breathing room when you need it

Total Value: $9,200


Save $4,200

Initial payment: $1,000

24 monthly payments: $166.67

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Until we speak, peace!