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Copywriting Services

Website Copy

Your voice on your website must be clear and effective. You have only a few seconds to connect with potential clients before they leave.

Email Copy

Email campaigns are the best way to mantain relationships with potential clients. Those you have warmed up are more open to sales letters.

Web Copy Audit

If you want to write your own copy but need direction, I'll review your current site and identify how you can improve what you already have.

Important Details

Pricing for Copywriting - Copy Niche Copywriting


In order for me to determine how much my services cost, we need to talk. I need to get an idea of about how long the process will take and how much research I need to do. 

After I have a sense of what the project will entail, I will send you a quote. If the quote works for you, you will receive a contract.

Typically, I will send you two or three pricing options. That way you can choose which one is best for you. 


I’m proud to offer you my copywriting services, and I want you to absolutely love the final product. After I send the first draft, we begin the feedback and revision phase. I will do as many revisions as is necessary up to one month from the date I submitted the first draft. This gives us enough time to go back and forth until the copy reflects your voice, while keeping us on a timetable.

Achieving Success Together with Copy Niche Copywriting

The Whole Process

Copywriting Process Level 1 - Copy Niche Copywriting

Step 1

Contact me

Step 2

Talk with me on the phone

Step 3

Receive quote and contract

Copywriting Process Level 2 - Copy Niche Copywriting

Step 4

Fill in information forms

Step 5

Crafting begins

Step 6

Receive first draft

Copywriting Process Level 3 - Copy Niche Copywriting

Step 7

Revision process

Step 8

Finalize the product

Step 9

Enjoy hearing the sound of your online voice

Ready Yet?

Then contact me. My heart races in anticipation of hearing from you.