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Case Study:
Clearpath Learning Group

Clearpath Learning Group Case Study

Key Issues

one-light-small copy

Meeting a tight deadline


Simplifying a multiplicity of services


Clarifying the message for a complex brand

Rush Job: T-Minus 2 Weeks and Counting

Clearpath Learning Group has been creating and implementing Learning And Development systems and Change Management initiatives for more than a decade through supplier organizations. Jenn Kamerdiener, founder and owner, decided that 2020 was going to be their big year. They had done amazing work developing learning solutions for organizations. They had developed a powerful and efficient process that consistently worked. It was time to stop white-labeling and step out on their own to make a name for themselves.

When Jenn contacted Bo, she had a web designer ready to go. All she needed was someone to write the copy for her website. But, there was a catch…

She needed the entire website done yesterday.

Jenn was scheduled to speak at an upcoming conference. There, in a room full of potential clients, she would reveal what she could do for them. She needed her website live so that she had something to direct them to after the presentation.

That meant she needed the copy done early enough for the web designer to create the actual website. It would be a very tight writing schedule. 

Jenn contracted with Bo to write the text for her three most important pages: the Homepage, About Page, and Process Page. Once they had officially started working together, the window for project completion was only two weeks.

Simplifying the Complexity and Producing Fast

The greatest challenge for the homepage would be to simplify and present clearly a very complex service. Because Clearpath addressed a multiplicity of business needs through their proven process, identifying the key desires of their ideal client was tricky. We decided to focus on the person in charge of learning who wanted a solution that was on time and within budget. 

For the About Page, Jenn insisted that it not focus on her. She was proud of her top-notch team and the way that they uniquely partnered with clients to offer world-class services and deliver outstanding results. She wanted them and what they did in the spotlight. Previous clients had raved about the high-touch, comprehensive attention they received once teaming up with Clearpath. So, we made that dynamic, which was so central to the company’s unique DNA, our main them.

At first, the Process Page content was up in the air. In the past, Clearpath had used two different versions of the same basic process. One of them progressed according to the acronym “PATH” (Plan, Approach, Task, Home), and the other remained unnamed. Bo recommended using the PATH system for a couple of reasons. First, people like acronyms that help them make sense of what they’re doing. And second, the acronym was clearly echoed their Clearpath branding. Jenn agreed, and the PATH system became the structure and content of the Process Page.

Unfortunately, on top of an already tight window, circumstances prevented an optimum level of communication. And unexpected personal emergencies ate into a couple of precious writing days.

What was a window of only two weeks suddenly shrank.

Clearpath PATH Page

We Made It!

The Copy Niche writing process is a co-creative one. Since that is how Jenn works in her own business with her own clients, she was used to that dynamic. Jenn and Bo were able to go back and forth with drafts and revisions easily. As pages neared final drafts, she invited her team leaders into the review process. 

The deadline arrived quickly. Jenn finalized the reviewed drafts. And, Bo sent the web page copy to the designer on the due date…with five hours to spare.

In her email that finalized the web copy, Jenn told Bo, “You’ve done an amazing job of picking up on the strange and unusual content!!!”

Do You Need Help with Your Website Copy?

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