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Success Story:
Best Buddy Dog Training

Best Buddy Canine Dog Training

Key Issues

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Dangerous lack of clients and income


Non-performing website


Lack of marketing expertise

The Business was in the Danger Zone

Lorri is the only force-free dog trainer and Certified Pro Dog Trainer in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. As the only science-based dog trainer in her area, she knew that she had the most effective and humane dog training available. And, her clients absolutely loved her.

However, when Lorri talked with Bo in the middle of January 2019, she had run into a serious problem. Starting in November of 2018, new clients had stopped signing up. 

She desperately needed to reverse this trend. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be in business for much longer.

Transforming the Potential Client Experience

Bo began with a critique of her website. He quickly discovered that she has used a pre-generated template which she filled in with her own text. The design looked nice. The text, however, was written in order to inform rather than make a sale. So, he targeted two pages for significant updates. 

First, the Homepage. As the most important page on her website, it needed to function efficiently and effectively . That meant…

  1. Highlighting her uniqueness.
  2. Triggering doubt about her competitors.
  3. Inspiring new visions of possibility that could only be attained through her style of training.
Copy Niche Copywriting - Best Buddy Meet Lorri

Ultimately, Bo realized it was her approach and credentials that set her apart from the other trainers in her area. So, he focused the homepage on those strengths. He wanted to make sure that visitors knew that when they worked with Lorri, they would not receive old-school, outdated dog training from yesteryear. Rather they were going to experience nothing less than the cutting edge of dog-training science.

Next up, the About Page. Bo saw this as an opportunity to help people envision what it would be like if they were to enter into a training relationship with Lorri. So the focus became the relationship transformation that human companions experience with their canine companions, as seen through Lorri’s eyes.

After having rewritten the Homepage and the About Page, Bo changed the titles of key packages and made a couple marketing recommendations. The work was complete.

Crushing It in Less than 6 Months

A couple of months later, Bo checked in with Lorri to see how things were going. 

The results were amazing. 

Not only were new clients signing up, but now new clients were discovering her online. Yes, now 25% of new signups found her through online searches, clicked through to her web page, and were sold on her services as a result of what they found

Before Bo’s help, essentially all of her clients had signed up as the result of a veterinary or other pet professional recommendations. 

She now had a brand new channel to attract new clients.

When Bo checked in during the summer of 2020, Lorri had even better news: 

Her private lesson sign-ups had reached an all-time high. 

Lorri had started working more on the marketing side of her business in order to attract more leads. With her newly-written website up and running, those leads now had somewhere to go that could transform them into paying clients.

In less than 6 months, Lorri had gone from worrying about the future of her business to having so many clients that she had to put them on a waiting list.

As she thanked Bo, she made it clear that “My website became more active and profitable once you helped rewrite and clarify my branding.”

Do You Need Help with Your Website Copy?

Yes, Copywriting Matters.

If you want your website to resonate with your ideal client in a way that transforms visitors into paying clients, then let’s talk. 

Work with me so that your website can work for you.