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Hi, I’m Vernon “Bo” McGuffee II, a man of many hats. My primary job is that of a force-free dog trainer. As an artist, my focus is on pet portraits. I am also an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Although I do not currently lead a congregation, I still preach occasionally. As you can probably imagine, preaching is one of my greater strengths. (Here’s a sermon if you are interested in a sample.)

Here at Copy Niche Copywriting & Consulting, however, I help businesses build desire for their brand in their niches. Opportunities have opened up for beginning entrepreneurs like never before. 

Many of you need help building a quality online presence. And by “quality” I don’t just mean something that looks nice. I mean something that resonates with potential clients, draws them in, and triggers a desire to work with you. 

This, of course, is where I come in. I can help you make that happen.

Vernon Bo McGuffee - Owner of Copy Niche Copywriting

Vernon “Bo” McGuffee

Owner of Copy Niche Copywriting & Consulting

For Me It's All About the Meaning-Making Process

At the end of the day, people pursue what is meaningful, and they shy away from what is meaningless. It really is that simple. That’s really what drives marketing. But how exactly do you leverage that? 

I’ve worked with this process for many years. As a pastor, every time I preached in a pulpit, I wrestled with how to connect with parishioners and encourage them to move forward in their spiritual lives. On a more academic level, my quest to make sense of the narrative dynamic gave birth to my book, Drinking from an Empty Glass: Living out of a Meaningless Spirituality

When you hire me to give voice to your brand, you tap into my unique understanding of narratives and my years of experience leveraging them to resonate with and move an audience. As a result, you open the door to a whole new level of relationship with prospects and clients alike. 

And that leads to a prosperous business with a strong and ever-growing bottom line. 



I only write for products and services that I consider ethical. 


I will do the best job possible for every client who hires me.


I will not lie or deceive in order to sell a product or service. 

What are You Waiting for?

You don’t want a web presence representing your brand that doesn’t connect with potential clients. That’s just throwing money away. And you didn’t get into business to do that.

Contact me and let’s talk about how I can give your brand a voice that harmonizes with the song they are already singing so that you can make beautiful music together.