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They All Thought Your Church Was Declining... Then THIS Happened

Remember The "Glory Days"?

It was a time when the churches were packed to the rafters with members and visitors. (A typical Sunday, not just Christmas and Easter.)

It was a time when congregations had plenty of people to engage their communities and the world through widespread, meaningful mission. 

It was a time when congregations had large budgets that didn’t have to cut mission funding in order to fix the roof, or windows, or pay the heating and air conditioning bills. 

The glory days don’t have to be a thing of the past. You can build them into your future. 

Welcome to the Digital World!

Into the Digital World

Want to find a restaurant near you? Ask Google. 

Want to find a gas station near you? Ask Google. 

How about this one: Want to find a church near you?

Do you see the pattern?

That’s how the world works now. If someone is seeking what you have to offer, you need to make sure that you have your name out there where they are looking. If you don’t, then as far as seekers are concerned, you simply don’t matter. 

In today’s world, that means you need a website

But, be careful, because not just “any ol’ website” will do. 

Beware: A Bad Church Website Can Repel Potential New Members

Have you looked at the church websites out there? Let’s face it, most of them are never going to draw in a crowd. In fact, I suspect that many websites are actually turning away potential visitors. 

Think back to the last time you had a bad experience at a restaurant. Afterward, how likely were you to go back? 

Online experiences affect people the same way. If someone visits your church website and has a bad experience or doesn’t find the information they are looking for, don’t expect them to return.

  • When they arrived, you were a potential church to a visit. 
  • Once they experienced you online, they dropped you.


If evangelism is something your congregation values, you must do better.

Frustrated Searcher


When is a church website not “just” a church website?


When it’s a 24/7 Online Evangelist!

What's a 24/7 Online Evangelist?

Happy Phone Search

If you want to draw visitors to your congregation regularly, you don’t want a standard church website. You want a 24/7 Online Evangelist to join your staff.

While it may look like and feel like a regular old website, it’s really much, much more than that.

A 24/7 Online Evangelist is an online persona that reflectively listens to your ideal audience in a way that connects with who they are and what they struggle with. As a result, it is in a position to uniquely demonstrate that they can find the hope they’re seeking in your community and its message.

This is exactly what I build. 

Why am I Uniquely Able to Create Such an Opportunity?

The answer is in my background and experience. 

  • I didn’t grow up in the church: I’m intimately aware of the mindset of those on the outside.
  • I’m an ordained Presbyterian (USA) pastor: I’m intimately aware of the mindset of those on the inside.
  • My focus is on emerging generations: I understand the outlook of Gen X and Millennials.
  • I’m a copywriter and website builder: I know how to tailor the medium to maximize the message. 

I live with one foot in and one foot out of the church. I embody the bridge that connects the inside and the outside. I translate between the two as easily as I breathe.  

How often do you find that combination reaching out to help you build toward a stronger future?

What is the Financial Impact of a 24/7 Online Evangelist?

“How much is this going to cost us?” That’s the first question usually tied to any kind of endeavor like this. 

It’s a fair question. After all, governing councils need to be good stewards. 

If money is a concern, however, it’s better if you start with this question instead: 

“What is the expected financial impact of the endeavor?” 

For that, I’ve run the numbers for you… 

What if It Works at a Minimal Level?

On average, each giving adult contributes $20 per week to a church. (It’s actually $17, but I’m rounding to simplify the math.) 

If the 24/7 Online Evangelist attracts only one single visitor to your church (who the congregation transforms into a giving member), that individual will contribute around $1,040/year on average. 

But What if It REALLY Works?

What if it attracts a single giving adult per quarter (so, 4 staggered throughout the year)? 

Brace yourself. Now, things start to get really interesting for your investment…

At 6 months: $780

At 1 year: $2,600

At 2 years: $9,360

At 3 years: $20,280

Did you catch that word investmentabove? Hopefully you did, because that’s what this really is. It’s an investment in the future of the congregation. 

Getting a 24/7 Online Evangelist on Your Staff is Easier than You Think

Here's the Deal I Want to Offer You Right Now

Now through May 31, 2020, I am offering three (3) churches an amazing deal on a 24/7 Online Evangelist

In order to simplify what would normally be a custom service, I’ve condensed what I offer into a “basic” package that can meet the “basic” needs of a congregation. 

April 30th 2020

The Basic Church Package Includes the Following:


About Us Page 

(This includes a brief bit about the congregation and up to five short bios for staff members.)

Current Ministries Page

(Each ministry has its own small introductory section.)

Plan a Visit Page

Contact Us Page

* If this is “too basic” for your needs, additional pages and material can be negotiated for additional cost. 

If you are one of the first three churches
to sign up for the Basic Church Package before May 31, 2020
you will get all this for the low price of


In Addition to That...

We will begin with a discernment phase that will help you to better understand your congregational life together as well as the life of your surrounding community. 

This powerful phase can kick-start a congregational vitalization process, if that’s what you desire. 

Remember, this offer is only for the FIRST THREE churches that sign up for this service by April 30th. 

What Next?

If you want to bring a 24/7 Online Evangelist onboard in your congregation, let’s talk. 

Just go to my calendar and sign up for a time slot. If none of those available work for you, then go to my Contact Page and send me a message. I’ll work with you to set something up that works for us both.

Bringing your new 24/7 Online Evangelist on staff is as easy as...

one-light-small copy

Set up a time to talk.


Collaborate and create.


Make visitors feel at home.